WBSITC Fellowship Member Application

Dear Brother and Sister in the Eternal Christ,

Thank you for your interest in being in Fellowship with WBSITC. We are excited and honored to be of service to you.

After reading our Statement of Beliefs and the information provided below, if you decide to apply for Fellowship (affiliation) with WBSITC, please complete the application according to the following instructions, along with any references, and the appropriate fee to expedite processing.

Love and Blessings in the Eternal Christ,

Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew

WBSITC President/Founder

According to the Articles of Incorporation, World Bible School International Training Center (WBSITC), is organized for the following purpose, as stated in Article 8:

  1. To evangelize by means of preaching, teaching, sharing and spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad. Our calling is consistent with the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. To utilize every available tool in the spreading of the Word of God, to include; all types of media, such as radio, television, internet, printed materials; i.e., Bibles, books, teaching materials, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s gospel tracts, literature, newsletters and any other available methods.
  3. To endeavor to relieve the suffering of humanity within our reach and ability, including community service in every way that is consistent with the Bible and our calling.
  4. To establish mission stations at home and abroad, such as; children’s homes, orphanages, abused children’s shelters, churches, bible schools, and training centers of every type, for both Laymen and Ministers.

According to the By-Laws of World Bible School International Training Center (WBSITC), is organized for the following purpose, as stated in Article 6:

Section 1: (CREDENTIALS)

The Board of Directors may confer upon a candidate for ministry, a minister’s credential for gospel ministry, to anyone who proves themselves to be qualified or worthy of such honor.

Proper applications and questionnaires shall be required of all applicants. Local church fellowships may apply to become a charter member of World Bible School International Training Center. Whether applying for a Ministers Credential or a Charter Membership, once the appropriate application(s), including references and any other required paperwork has been filled out and any required background checks have been completed; then the Board of Directors will thoroughly look over and consider all required applications and will at that time make a decision based on the information given by the applicant. Following approval, at least two of Board Members must be present at the time of issuing a License, Ordination or other Credential (as the Board deems it necessary) and/or issuing a Charter Membership to any ministry. Appropriate fees shall be considered.

WBSITC is an online ministry representing “a body of believers” meeting in regularly in an online ministry of teaching and preaching, and we are governed by a broad of directors. We are in fellowship with Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, and more, as well as Churches and or Ministries in fellowship and harmony with WBSITC all around the world.

If your Church or Ministry is interested in joining the Fellowship of World Bible School International Training Center (WBSITC), then you should be in harmony with the WBSITC Statement of Beliefs as a suggested guideline so that we know that you are suitable for WBSITC.

WBSITC Statement of Beliefs

What we believe is very simple and yet we are continuously being upgraded through downloads of revelation from Holy Spirit. However, we basically believe the following:

  • Salvation: Salvation means to be rescued. Therefore, is not an event, but a birthing of reconnection to the mind of the Creator of all creation. It is the reconnection that came to all mankind through their origin in the Father. You were created as one-with-God. So, the sacrifice of Jesus was for the purpose of getting the attention of mankind who were disconnected from God in their own minds because of sin. The word sin comes from the Greek word, hamartia meaning, mistaken identity. It was the shedding of the blood of Jesus that satisfied the de